Rider Guide


The CAAM 200k has some great new features and enhancements that will make your ride-day experience even more memorable!

Four Pace Groups with Staggered Start Times!

✅  We now offer 4 pace group options with staggered start times to allow you to ride with others at the same speed right from the start!

The pace group speed is the ROLLING speed, NOT the average.

Choose a pace group that you can "pull" in.  If you can't pull at that pace, drop down to the next pace group.  This keeps the pace groups steady and safer.

You will be working as a team, so be a good teammate!

❗️Please DO NOT BLOW UP THE PACE GROUP by exceeding the rolling pace group speed when you are pulling.

❗️IF the puller is exceeding the group pace, LET THEM GO!
- It is EVERYONE's responsibility to keep the group pace consistent.

❗️If you want to go faster, start with a faster group.
- You MUST be able to pull at that group's pace!

Open Pace

7:30 am Launch

The peloton sets the pace.

22 mph Rolling

7:32 am Launch

22 mph is the MAX rolling pace.

Everyone in this group must be able to PULL at 22 mph.

20 mph Rolling

7:34 am Launch

20 mph is the MAX rolling pace.

Everyone in this group must be able to PULL at 20 mph.

18 mph Rolling

7:36 am Launch

18 mph is the MAX rolling pace.

Everyone in this group must be able to PULL at 18 mph.


  • Route Markings
    • The CAAM 200k course will be marked this year!
    • The entire course will be marked with spray-painted arrows
    • We STRONGLY encourage you to download the route to your device (Garmin, Wahoo, Phone with RWGPS app, etc).

  • Rest Stop Open Times
    • Please click here for the route stop locations and times.

    • The rest stops will have specific open and close times based on what we anticipate to be the pace of the groups.

    • For the faster or slower cyclists, there may be an outside chance that the cyclists may arrive before or after the rest stops posted times.

    • We have designed the primary rest stop locations to be at convenience stores in order to provide an alternate source of nutrition or hydration products in the event that our volunteers are not at the rest stop.

  • Parking
    • There is plenty of parking near the start venue at Sanford Pizza Company.

  • NO Earbuds
    • Earbuds are NOT allowed in the peloton.

  • NO riding on aerobars in the peloton
    • Riding on aerobars is NOT allowed in the peloton.

Start / End Location

Our start and end location is Sanford Pizza Company in downtown Sanford.

This allows us to begin our day with the first 4 miles pedaling along Lake Monroe while catching an amazing sunrise over the water!

You'll end your ride with the final mile pedaling along Lake Monroe to cap an extraordinary day of cycling.